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Tuesday, 27 Sep 2016
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Bento Otaku

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Welcome to our Bento Otaku community page!  This is where anyone interested in bento-making can share their creations, ideas, questions and comments. We welcome suggestions so please email us if you have a picture to upload or a blog or link you'd like to recommend.  We've started with a few of our favorites to help kick-start your creative side and to help you understand just "what is a bento".


Tsugumi + Janel

Japanese Kyara ben sites (In Japanese):

Kyaraben Club :Kyara ben Portal site

Nonbiri NIkki-Muku no kyara ben

Mainichi no kyara bento zukuri

Chiisana Sekai

Hitosara de Party Kibun


NY Times, September 8, 2009

Japan Times, April 7, 2011


Just Bento

Colorado Bento


HippoPAPA + mama

Cute Obento

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